There isn't a more sustainable way to eat than wild food foraging! Industrial farming and the production of plastic is killing our planet. And with chronic illnesses, cancers, and auto-immune disorders on the rise, not to mention our mental health crisis, there's never been a better time to get outside and find nature's very own superfoods, growing right on  our very own doorstep. 

Is your body crying out for more nutrients? Or are you simply looking for new ways to connect with the natural world around you? 

Join me on a wild food walk and let me teach you how to do better for our planet and our bodies by working with Mother Nature, not against her!


“Amazing woman doing amazing things to spread the word about wild food foraging for food that is FREE and FULL of goodness. Luckily Lucy knows her stuff so we don’t go eating the wrong stuff!”

— Sophie Rowney
"If you would like to discover the abundance that nature has to offer, go for a walk in the countryside with this amazing woman. I had no idea of the incredible healing properties that the plants around me have to offer until Lucy showed me and explained in a very easy, down to earth manner. Tasting the plants around us as we walked was wonderful. Lucy's knowledge is incredible and her love of foraging inspirational. Thank you, Lucy."

— Angela Simpson



Wild Roots Foraging